Will The Bachelorette’s Gabby Winde and Rachel Recchia join DWTS next? they are

Bachelorette Hometowns, Sailing Sunset Villains and Ready to Love

Forget roses, Gabby Winde and Rachel Recchia are ready to take on some dancing shoes.

Yes, the leading lady of season 19 bachelorette Open to join the season of 31 Dancing with the Stars, which has yet to name their celebrity stars. As much as two bachelorettes have said E! News ‘Daily Pop on tape for “Men Tell All” episode

Not only did Gabby confidently show off some moves, she quipped, “I love dancing, more than I love making out with guys on TV — who love to do it. So, that’s saying a lot!”

And, for the record, Gabby confirmed that she is a “trained” dancer.

This explains why Rachel was more interested in casting Gaby Dancing with the Stars, rather than myself. When he is “advocating for Gabby dancing with the stars,” she would still prefer to get on the dance train herself.

“You know maybe the first time me and Gabby can compete against each other,” he added. “Who knows, we’ll see!”

Although the pair started out dating the same men, the format of the competition has since changed to make it less of a competition – just the way Gabby and Rachel wanted it.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

August 2nd, Gabby sure The Daily Pop audience that he and Rachel “”put each other first”” on the show.

“I think the boys [do] Make more comparisons and make it a contest about us,” he said at the time.

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