YouTuber Rebecca Jamolo expresses the magic and fear she encounters after her parents

YouTuber Rebecca Jamolo is on a maternity journey

Rebecca Jamolo She still remembers the moment when she realized that she could get everything she wanted.

It was Three rounds of IVF have been taken-The first her due to a chemical pregnancy in 2020, the second, a heartbreaking abortion at nine weeks – but in the end she was far enough away. This Pregnancy to find out the sex of her child.

Although YouTube personality and husband Matt Slace — they pair up behind Game Master and other popular series. They have 12 million customersLast summer, both a male and his final female embryo were implanted, and Jamolo was fully prepared to see. Blue Confetti falls from that balloon.

“The boy’s egg was strong – and the girl was like our last egg,” he explained in a recent interview with E! News. “No matter what happened I was very peaceful, for example, I was still going to be excited for a boy. I just knew what I had to do to get a girl would be very different now. And so I started adopting and looking at different things. “

As then They have gathered Last autumn in front of friends and family, they saw the pink flash.

“He has overcome all adversity,” laments Jamolo. “It simply came to our notice then So Surprised. “


Not that the process was all pink smoke bombs and celebrations.

While enjoying a trip to Big Bear, California in December, Jamolo began to experience contractions within just 27 weeks of her pregnancy. After a long year of fighting with ulcerative colitis,

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